Craigieburn Secondary College Recruitment

Position Available 2023

Job ID Apply 22/03/23
1335902 Health / PE Classroom Teacher
Job ID Apply 21/03/23
1335725 First Aid Officer / Doctors in Schools Administration
1335728 Graduate Teacher English / Humanities (GTRI 012)
1335724 Graduate Teacher Vocational / Applied Learning (GTRI 013)
Job ID Apply 20/03/23
1335535 Leading Teacher - Educational Leadership
1335408 Senior Art Classroom Teacher
Job ID Apply 19/03/23
1335196 Applied Learning / Pedagogy Leader Teacher
1335199 English / Humanities Classroom Teacher
1335194 Food & Technology Classroom Teacher
1335267 Learning Specialist Range 3
1335220 Maths / Science / MYLNS Classroom Teacher
1335217 Maths / Science Classroom Teacher
1335028 Operations and Daily Organisation Assistant
1335198 VCE History / English Classroom Teacher
1335197 Vocational Major / Applied Learning Classroom Teacher
Job ID Apply 16/03/23
1335027 Corrective Reading Facilitator
1335071 Materials Classroom Teacher
Job ID Apply 15/03/23
1334705 Graduate Teacher / HPE / Food (GTRI 153)
1334881 Numeracy Learning Specialist

School Statement

We welcome passionate and imaginative educators into our learning community. We commit to supporting and valuing staff in their professional practice and growth through:

  • Belonging to an inclusive and multicultural community
  • Knowing that together we make a difference
  • Intellectual and practical engagement in our profession.

Our communities of practice are responsive to staff and student experiences and are where we work collaboratively to better understand how to best meet student learning needs. Currently these teams focus on:

  • The literacy and numeracy demands of assessments and ensuring we explicitly teach these
  • Building strong relationships with students and families developing a culture of community.

As a new member of our community, you will be supported through a structured induction program, with embedded and dedicated time release for mentoring and coaching. Being able to quickly build strong and positive relationships between staff, students, and families, is underpinned by our values of community and respect, and is front and centre of our practices through form teacher roles, community events and extra-curricular opportunities.

On the lands of the Wurundjeri people, our community is wonderfully diverse with over fifty different language backgrounds being represented through our families and staff. We support and celebrate this diversity with a team of multicultural and integration aides, events, and performances.  A significant proportion of our students experience challenges at home and are supported through breakfast and homework clubs, as well as a dedicated allied health team that includes counsellors, youth workers, mental health practitioners and a speech pathologist. Learning is supported through targeted fluency and tutoring programs, with learning partners ensuring Individual Learning Plans are developed and effectively implemented.

Staff at our school have many opportunities to expand on their teaching practice through leadership responsibilities and positions that promote individual and professional growth. These opportunities are reflective of our commitment to enhancing our students’ personal and educational growth in the following ways:

  • Student voice and agency
  • Applied learning
  • Restorative practices
  • Community leadership
  • Inclusive and differentiated teaching and learning
  • Reflective and evaluative practices
  • Enrichment and engagement programs.

2023 will see Craigieburn Secondary College begin to implement an organisational design model that will facilitate our vision of building a robust and student-centered learning community. Knowing our students and building relationships between the school and families are the keystones to ensuring that the learning and wellbeing needs of our students are addressed in a holistic way.

Staff Testaments

“To meet some of our amazing teachers and support staff click on video to play”


“Click on profile pic to listen to one of our fantastic, valued and long standing and highly experienced English and Humanities teacher. Her testament gives insight into her experiences at Craigieburn Secondary College, on teaching values and what Craigieburn Secondary College prides itself on in supporting graduates, teachers and students educational journeys.”

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