Netbook Program

The one to one netbook or laptop program at Craigieburn Secondary College creates expanded learning opportunities that are more active and student centered. It provides a wealth of rich educational resources and tools, that when used effectively, will deliver very positive teaching and learning outcomes. Every student is expected to have a netbook or laptop. Students have the choice to bring your own device (BYOD) or access the college co-contribution scheme. regardless of the scheme you choice to access the college ICT & E-Learning Policy handbook and contract will be given to students, parents/carers to discuss and sign.


All netbooks and laptops are networked that will link them to their teachers, learning communities, multimedia software and with online tools and resources, email communication, and Compass system.

For more information on the one to one netbook program and ICT & E-Learning handbook, please contact the general office during business hours on 9308 1144.