Important Dates & Information

Family Contact Details

A reminder to all our families to keep your contact details and access restrictions up to date. Please contact the general office on 9308 1144 to update any parent/carer and emergency contact details or download the form here and email to

This is vital in the case of a medical emergency or in these Covid-19 times whereby a student may be sent home if they present to sick bay with Covid-19 related symptoms.

Above all, our family partnerships are valued and are a very important part of your child’s/children’s educational success, our staff want to contact you to best support your child’s/children’s educational journey, both academically and socially and emotionally. We are here to help!

Important Dates


3 October – Term 4 Starts

4 October – Early finish 2pm

19 October – Year 12 Celebration Day


1 November – Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

11 November –  Last day year 11 classes – Exam period

14 November – Year 11 SWOT VAC day

16 November – Year 12 Finish

21 November -25 November – Yr 11 to 12 Orientation

21 November – Year 10 SWOT VAC day

25 November – Last day year 11 for 2022

18 November –  Last day year 10 classes – Exam period


28 November – 2 December – Yr 10 to 11 Orientation – compulsory school days

2 December –  Last day year 10 classes

12-14 December – Year 7 Camp

13 December Year 7 2023 Orientation Day

14 December – Awards Ceremony

15 December – Year 12 Graduation

5-9 December – Year 7-9 Step Up Program

20 December – Early finish 2.30pm

Term 1 & 4 – Summer Uniform Worn ~ Term 2 & 3 – Winter Uniform Worn

At Craigieburn Secondary we have a uniform dress code at the college that instills in our school community a sense of personal and school pride and contributes to calm classroom environments.

Should any families require support in purchasing school uniform items, please contact the Family Liaison Officer on 9308 1144 for uniform voucher assistance or your child’s form teacher or year level coordinator if they need a temporary uniform pass before item/s are purchased.

We are proud to see our students in full school uniform, and PE uniform only on PESH subject days. We have a strict uniform policy with prohibited items confiscated for parent/carer contact and for parent/carer or student pick up after school. For safety and identification purposes students are not to wear hoodies or the school jacket hood over their head indoors, the jacket hoods are only acceptably worn when weather conditions are unfavourable.

The Craigieburn Secondary college school uniform should be worn with pride and is available at PSW Campbellfield. Click and collect uniform orders can be made on the website

Mobile Phones

In line with Victoria Government legislation, ALL MOBILE PHONES should be switched off once a student has entered the school gates and secured in a safe place (not in a pocket), stored in a locker, if no locker available, can be taken to the general office or sub-school; including headphones/ear pods.

If students need to contact families during school hours this must be done via the sub-school, sick bay or general office in line with our duty of care policy. No student is to leave school grounds without parental/carer permission. All students are to sign out as early leavers via their sub-school office, except sickbay, unless otherwise instructed differently.

If students need to access their timetable they should do so on the school/BYOD laptop – if you don’t have a laptop contact the year level coordinator as soon as possible. All students should Check Compass Schedule Daily for changes.

Please read the  CSC Mobile Phone school policy for more information. We appreciate your support with this matter and if you wish to discuss this policy further please do not hesitate in contacting the college.

School Term Dates 2022

Start date Finish date
Term 1 28 January 8 April
Term 2 26 April 24 June
Term 3 11 July 16 September
Term 4 3 October 20 December

Together It Will Be A Positive Learning Journey For Us All!

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