Craigieburn Secondary College endeavours to create a learning environment where every student can achieve their fullest potential. We aim to promote confident learners who are curious and creative who can solve problems using a variety of tools. As part of this commitment, the college is integrating the use of student netbook and laptop computers into the classrooms and the embedding of digital literacy and e-learning practices across all key learning areas. Students at the college will become effective global learners in multiple real and virtual arenas.

The One-to-One Netbook or Laptop Program will provide a wealth of rich educational resources and tools, that when used effectively, will deliver very positive teaching and learning outcomes. Each student will have a portable netbook or laptop that will link them to their teachers, learning communities, multimedia software, email communication, Compass system and online tools & resources.

With the network connected device, students will have enhanced communication opportunities with their teachers and peers. This will allow the student to seek feedback regarding learning opportunities and activities, participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning and have anywhere, anytime access to documents, projects, revision tasks and evidence of their learning. The One-to-One Netbook or Laptops program will create expanded learning opportunities that are active and student-centered.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) recommends appropriate and safe use of their student allocated netbooks or laptops. The college ICT & E-Learning handbook and contract aims to provide information about the policies and guidelines that inform the proper use and care of the student netbooks and laptops. It highlights potential issues and expectations of netbook or laptop use, as through the use of explicit guidelines, advice and support, the exposure of students to potential problems can be minimised.

“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”
~ George Couros ~