Careers & Pathways

Senior School

The Senior School at Craigieburn Secondary College comprises Years 11 & 12 and students within the senior school are considered role models in terms of their conduct, work ethic and attitude. It is an expectation that our senior students exemplify our College Values of Respect, Responsibility, Achievement and Community.

From Year 11 onwards the senior students have access to a broad and flexible learning program that is based around their interests and future pathways aspirations. Student choice and expert pathways advice are considered in customising each student’s individual program.

We are proud of our broad, rigorous and versatile VCE and VCE Vocational Major program which caters for the diversity of pathways of our students. Predicated on the widely promoted premise that VCE is a university pathway, Craigieburn Secondary College students can choose VCE studies that provide entry into the full spectrum of university courses. Visit Craigieburn SC Careers and Pathways website to find out more. These VCE studies comprise those from the Maths and Sciences, Humanities, Technology, Foreign Languages, the Arts and Performance, Health and PE, Commerce and of course English. Extensive course counselling for all students ensures that interests and aspirations are understood and used to shape individual programs.

We believe that our highly successful VCE program and its delivery maximise engagement and student success by offering a wide range of subjects to cater for the needs and interests of all students and ensuring that teachers place their students at the forefront of their practice. Senior students are also encouraged to participate in a range of extra and co-curricular activities to complement and enhance their studies and provide a balanced and rounded educational experience.

From 2023 the newly reformed VCAL program, now known as the VCE Vocational Major (VM) program is a vocational and applied learning program within the VCE designed to be completed over a minimum of two years. The VCE VM will give students greater choice and flexibility to pursue their strengths and interests and develop the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in further education, work and life. It prepares students to move into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education and training, university (via non-ATAR pathways) or directly into the workforce.

The purpose of the VCE VM is to provide students with the best opportunity to achieve their personal goals and aspirations in a rapidly changing world by:

  • equipping them with the skills, knowledge, values and capabilities to be active and informed citizens, lifelong learners and confident and creative individuals
  • empowering them to make informed decisions about the next stages of their lives through real-life workplace experiences.

Students who choose the VM pathway are typically students who are hands on learners and are given a great opportunity to explore Vocational Education and Training subjects, work placement  and the Head Start Program. Head Start is the School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) program that supports secondary school students to succeed while they study and work towards a career. To find out more on the Head Start Program, please contact the Careers pathway team affiliated with the Senior School faculty.

The Craigieburn High Achievers Club (CHAC) program is also available at the VCE level and now in its eleventh year at the College. The program offers exceptional value for money, an opportunity to focus on achieving excellence through interaction with like-minded students, and exposure to a range of seminars and speakers to provide practical assistance in achieving personal best. Any student who wishes to maximise their ATAR score is eligible to join.  To find out more about the CHAC program that runs after school generally on a Thursday, please see the Senior School Leaders.


Senior School Handbook 2024

Senior School - Year 11 VCE / VM

Year 11 VCE
Subject Number of Periods per Fortnight
English 8
5 x Subjects of Choice & on Achievement 8 Periods per Subject
VCE Study Session 2
Year 11 Vocational Major
Subject Number of Periods per Fortnight
English 8
3 x Subjects 8 Periods per Subject
Vocational Education Training (VET) Subject 8
Work Placement One dedicated day of placement per week

Senior School - Year 12 VCE / VM

Year 12 VCE
Subject Number of Periods per Fortnight
English 8
4 x Subjects of Choice & on Achievement 8 Periods per Subject
VCE Study Session (VSS) 2
Study Sessions 8
Year 12 Vocational Major
Subject Number of Periods per Fortnight
English 10
3 x Subjects 10 Periods per Subject
Work Placement One dedicated day of placement per week