Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning offers students an alternative pathway to completing Year 11 and 12. As part of completing the VCAL program, students will have the opportunity to achieve various other qualifications through their VCAL course.

Students who choose a VCAL pathway are typically students who are hands on learners and are typically students who are looking to enter an apprenticeship, traineeship, TAFE or full time work in their post secondary education. If a student is looking to go immediately onto university following Year 12, the VCAL pathway would not be a viable pathway.

Craigieburn Secondary College’s VCAL program is underpinned by the following key principles:

Assist Students to Reach Their Potential, Both Socially and Academically

The VCAL Curriculum still has a heavy focus on Literacy and Numeracy skills to prepare students for the workforce and beyond. Students still complete two units of VCE Mathematics and VCE English, but the course also focuses on student’s personal development and extends students through exposure to a variety of activities including Outdoor Adventure Challenges. Texts in the Literacy component of the course are chosen to reflect this principle as students study texts and films that expose them to issues that are aimed to further enhance their social competence.

Students also undertake one day a week of Work Placement where they complete components of their course through participating and working in a structured workplace environment.

Develop in Students an Empathy and Respect for Others Through Exposure to Different Ideas and Opinions

Students have the opportunity to participate in various external programs and are exposed to a range of guest speakers that have overcome adversity.
Craigieburn Secondary College’s whole VCAL program is structured to take students out of their comfort zone, in order to experience challenges that all students will all be faced with in their working and private lives.

Develop Qualities of Leadership within Every Student

Students undertake community projects and fund raising activities for local charity organisations. This develops the students’ civic and civil responsibility through volunteering and working for the benefit of others. Students also form strong links to their community, which raises awareness of their future leadership roles in social responsibility.

Develop Skills that will Enable Students to Function in their Ever Changing Global Environment

Students have the opportunity to achieve a range of qualifications through their VCAL course including:

  • The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
  • Certificate I, II in a range of Vocational areas
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Safe Food Handling Certificates
  • Construction Induction Safety Training (Red Card)
  • Computer Certificates

Should you have any further queries in relation to a VCAL / VCE Program please do not hesitate to contact your relevant Senior School Leader or Assistant Principal.