Wellbeing & Allied Health Team

The teenage years represent a transition from childhood to adulthood. With this transition, come many changes – changes to bodies, emotions, behaviours and attitudes. Staff at Craigieburn Secondary College understand these changes and can provide information and support. Friendships developed during secondary school can provide peer support and help children develop social skills and self-esteem.

Making new friends and feeling comfortable are especially important when children start secondary school. It is important to remember, however, that your child’s friendships may change as they develop a sense of themselves and make sense of the world around them. A child’s relationship with their parents and family may similarly change. Students adapt to adolescent life in different ways. If you feel that your child is having difficulties, it is important to discuss your concerns and ask for help if needed.

Parents have an important role in supporting their children’s progress at school. It is also important to know that there are staff with specific roles to support student well-being and student learning available in schools.

The Allied Health Team at Craigieburn Secondary College is comprised of:

  • a Speech Pathologist
  • an Community Engagement Leader
  • a School Nurse
  • a School Chaplain
  • School Counsellors
  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • Youth Workers

The Allied Health team is responsible for helping students handle issues such as truancy, school refusal, bullying, family conflict, self-esteem, anger management, study skills, stress management, social skills, time management and exam preparation, mediation of student disputes using conflict resolution models and assisting students with financial difficulties. They work with the Junior, Middle and Senior sub schools, Learning Partners, Principal Class, teachers, other well-being professionals and agencies to address student needs.

In addition to these services, the Allied Health Team and sub schools to organize and deliver health education activities throughout the College.  Members of the Allied Health Team are involved in:

  • individual and group counselling of students;
  • the provision of consultancy advice on effective behaviour management programs;
  • student advocacy;
  • liaison with other government or non-governmental welfare agencies or medical specialists;

Craigieburn Secondary College also has access to the services of Northern Metropolitan psychologists, speech pathologists, social workers, visiting teachers and other related professionals. They work directly with the Allied Health Team, students and families to better understand speech and language, social and emotional issues which might be affecting the student’s ability to learn. They also work with teachers and our school to support students with additional needs. We look forward to working with you to enhance your child’s educational opportunities at Craigieburn Secondary College.