Craigieburn Secondary College Business Academy

Craigieburn Secondary College has established a Business Academy in 2024 to support our community’s growing demand for a program which provides pathways and opportunities for our students in business and entrepreneurship.

Craigieburn Secondary College has collaborated with the University of Melbourne in the development of an Academy Education and Training program for implementation in 2024.

Key aspects of the Academy include the development of meaningful educational experiences relating to 21st Century skills which are grounded in research and aligned to the school’s values, as well as strong links and partnerships with local businesses in the Hume region.

Key aspects of the program

Partnerships and External Engagement

Forging partnerships with local businesses, entrepreneurs and industry professionals to enhance students’ exposure to real-world business scenarios, internships/traineeships and mentoring opportunities.

Student Guidance and Mentorship

Establishing mentorship programs and partnerships that connect students with professionals in the business community and guide students in their career exploration, personal development and building of professional networks.

Entrepreneurship Support

Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among students through workshops and projects that encouraging creativity, innovation and business ideation.

Industry partnerships

Involvement in this partnership with us can involve as much or as little input as you are able to provide – we’re flexible.

It may include coming to our school to share your business journey with students, hosting one of our students for a work placement every Friday during the school term and/or allowing us to visit your workplace to learn more about their business operations and industry.


Mr Damien Stingell
Business Academy Leader
Ph: 9308 1144

If you are a student interested joining in the Business Academy, download the Student Flyer

If you are a business owner interested in developing a partnership with us, download the Business Flyer

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