Library (Craigieburn Education Complex)

The Craigieburn Education Complex is a library facility shared with Craigieburn South Primary School.

The library is currently open to students during the first break, Monday to Friday. Students have access to desktop computers (to be used for school-work only), boardgames and books from our collections:

  • Picture Books
  • General Fiction
  • Highschool Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Manga

Students are encouraged to make book requests and Library staff will do their best to fulfil these.

We also have access to a wide range of audiobooks through Wheelers ePlatform, which can be accessed in-browser or through a smartphone app for at-home use.

Students also have access to academic research databases through our subscription to the EBSCO Secondary School suite. Familiarising students with academic journals and databases are imperative to developing proper information literacy and research skills. In an ever-expanding world of information, students not only need to be able to access appropriate information but be able to critically analyse sources and properly reference.

Databases, audiobooks and other curriculum-aligned resources can be found via the CSC Library Discovery LMS page.