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Craigieburn Secondary College Business Academy

 Craigieburn Secondary College has established a Business Academy in 2024 to support our community’s growing demand for a program which provides pathways and opportunities for our students in business and entrepreneurship.

Craigieburn Secondary College has collaborated with the University of Melbourne in the development of an Academy Education and Training program for implementation in 2024.

Key aspects of the Academy include the development of meaningful educational experiences relating to 21st Century skills which are grounded in research and aligned to the school’s values, as well as strong links and partnerships with local businesses in the Hume region.

Key aspects of the program

Partnerships and External Engagement

Forging partnerships with local businesses, entrepreneurs and industry professionals to enhance students’ exposure to real-world business scenarios, internships/traineeships and mentoring opportunities.

Student Guidance and Mentorship

Establishing mentorship programs and partnerships that connect students with professionals in the business community and guide students in their career exploration, personal development and building of professional networks.

Entrepreneurship Support

Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among students through workshops and projects that encouraging creativity, innovation and business ideation.

Industry partnerships

Involvement in this partnership with us can involve as much or as little input as you are able to provide – we’re flexible.

It may include coming to our school to share your business journey with students, hosting one of our students for a work placement every Friday during the school term and/or allowing us to visit your workplace to learn more about their business operations and industry.


Mr Damien Stingell
Business Academy Leader|
Ph: 9308 1144

Careers & Pathways Website

The CSC Careers Program – At Craigieburn Secondary College, we understand that young people need guidance and accurate information about a wide variety of career options, as well as the capacity to reflect on their own skills, goals and personal strengths, in order to make wise career choices. Visit the CSC Careers & Pathways Website to find out more!

We provide our students with a range of career development programs and services. The aim of these programs and services is to assist students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to effectively self-manage their life, learning and work. Programs and support services at CSC include:

  • Individual careers counselling
  • Careers resources
  • Career development education
  • Course counselling
  • Careers workshops and presentations

What is Careers guidance?  

Careers guidance describes the services which help people of any age to manage their careers and to make the educational, training and occupational choices that are right for them. It helps people to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications, skills and talents – and to relate this knowledge about who they are to who they might become within the labour market.

Careers guidance involves a range of connected activities, including provision of careers information, personalised guidance/counselling, skills assessment, engaging with the world of work and the teaching of decision-making and career management skills.

Career guidance is a continuous process throughout life, and it is critical to the smooth transitions of young people as they make choices about education and training.


Leadership Ceremony

The Leadership ceremony is always an exciting time for students and teachers at our school.  It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students as they prepare to take on leadership roles in the upcoming year.

The ceremony was held in the Performing Arts Centre, with parents and teachers in attendance, with the welcome speech delivered by Mr. McGavisk, who congratulated the students on their achievements and wished them well as they move into their new roles.

The selection process for these positions is rigorous and only the most qualified and capable students are chosen.  Those who are selected have already demonstrated strong leadership skills, academic achievement, and a commitment to the school community.

It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the school community to come together and celebrate. Congratulations to all our wonderful LEADERS!!

Maths News

The Micro Mathematicians program is aimed at enriching and advancing Mathematics experience for our top two band students.

Micro Mathematicians is an enrichment program aimed at advanced students in years 5 to 10 who have an interest in mathematics beyond the classroom. While the primary goal is to offer extension in mathematics and statistics, this program helps students develop skills in communication, collaboration, and literacy.

The Micro Mathematicians incursion by the University of Melbourne was a huge success! Our top 2 band students experienced the real-world applications of statistics along with use of numeracy skills of fractions, decimals and percentages. They also learnt new mathematics/numeracy specific vocabulary, such as the difference between ‘accuracy and precision’.



Harmony Week – “Everyone Belongs – Our Shared Stories” – A Huge Success at Craigieburn SC!

“Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.​(Victorian Government, 2022).

Our school community was super excited for the Harmony Week activities and the Wellbeing team and entertainers did not let us down! It was a joyous, creative, diverse, inclusive and fun week had by all!

Celebrating Harmony Week at Craigieburn Secondary College promotes inclusivity and diversity and fosters upon the values that underpin the school values; belonging, understanding, respect and growth. Harmony Week provides an opportunity for students, staff and parents to recognise and appreciate the contributors of various ethnicities, religions and cultures within our school community.  It also brings upon further enriched discussions around cultural awareness and acceptance.

This year to celebrate Harmony Week the theme is ‘our shared stories’. Which encourages students, staff and families to share their stories of culture, family and who they are.

Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country, from the oldest continuous culture of our First Nations. To the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world today.

The Harmony Week at Craigieburn Secondary college was a week filled with so much excitement, happiness, celebration and above all a sense of connectedness and inclusiveness of our many cultures. We thank the organisers for a week enjoyed for all by all!


Breakfast Club

Craigieburn South Primary School and Craigieburn Secondary College work together to support our school community. Every Wednesday and Friday mornings outside the Canteen from 7.30am we organise a Breakfast Club where we make cheese toasties for the students. Feel welcome to come along and join in and volunteer in support of this great community program. Research has shown that eating breakfast helps reboot our bodies in the morning.  Having a proper, healthy breakfast sharpens the minds and improves emotional well-being.  The American Heart Association have reported that a regular morning meal lowers the rate of strokes, heart attacks, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Reference: Horowitz, D. (2020). Breakfast. Salem Press Encyclopaedia.





Happy Refugee Week

A week filled with endless celebration and recognition of our wonderful refugee community at Craigieburn Secondary College. As part of the celebrations, the college invited parents/carers to celebrate ‘Refugee Week’ with us on campus.

Untold stories become a persons’ courage and strength to strive for a better life.Being a refugee is not a choice but an escape to have a better life. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness and educate our wider community on ‘what being a refugee means ’. As a college we are proud to celebrate multiculturalism and acknowledge our refugee families and welcome them into our community.  Craigieburn Secondary College College’s values are Respect, Responsibility, Achievement and Community.When you enroll your son or daughter into our college, as parents/carers, you also are enrolling into the school. We believe this is partnership, where we walk together to ensure your child’s personal growth and achievement is achieved. Our manta is “to treat every child as if they were our own”, to ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

The event was a great opportunity not only to celebrate but to meet and build a connection with the college and the wider community. The college would like to thank all the external service providers that made the time out of their busy schedule to be here with us and to promote their services to the families. It was a proud moment to introduced two of our students, Monamour and Lorin who shared their personal story on what they had experienced fleeting their home country. The college appreciated both students sharing their personal story with us, we wish them all the success, a better and a safer life in Australia.

From our College to You, Happy Refugee Week

Craigieburn Secondary College Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival is coming up in term 2 and we encourage participation in this physical activity, promoting the school and community spirit and providing an opportunity for students to be selected to compete at the divisional and regional levels in different track and field events. It was amazing to see students enjoying themselves and connecting to the community by wearing their house colours. Students were able to participate in a variety of events not only representing themselves, but also earning points for their House Colours.  May the best Houses Win!!

A big thank you to all students who attended, also to all the staff members who were able to help out and provide support at the athletics. The success of our school events are because of the engagement, enthusiasm and support of our school community.

Swimming Carnival at Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre

The Swimming Carnival in February encouraged participation in physical activity, promoted the school and community spirit and provided an opportunity for students to be selected to compete at the divisional and regional swimming competitions.

The Swimming Carnival was an event certainly enjoyed and students connected to their school community by wearing their House Colours. Congratulations to all our Houses for being winners in participation and collegiality. Congratulations to all our competitors and spectators; and to the students who were successful in progressing to the divisional swimming and regional swimming carnivals. It was gold, silver and bronze medals to our staff who made this event happen and a credit to all our students who represented CSC and showed our College Values of Respect, Belonging, Growth and Understanding!